• Rock and jazz drumming
  • Concert snare drumming and percussion
  • Vibraphone, xylophone, or marimba techniques
  • Jazz improvisation on mallets
  • Reading skills on all instruments

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get off to a great start or an experienced drummer or vibraphonist who wants to further develop or refine your technique, Stewart Hoffman (see bio) will focus on your specific needs and musical interests.


A Juilliard graduate with over 30 years of experience teaching and working as a jazz drummer, rock drummer and orchestral percussionist, Stewart brings a broad and diverse background to teaching and playing drum set.

Students of both rock and jazz drumming will be given the tools to develop a solid snare drum technique. While learning rock and funk grooves, jazz independence, the essential drum rudiments (and how to apply them to the drum set), drum breaks and fills and how to develop a solo, there will be a strong emphasis on learning to play the basics well - with rhythmic accuracy, a relaxed, controlled technique and rock-solid time.

Stewart’s drum lessons are first and foremost musical experiences, where power, speed, flexibility and independence skills are learned within a musical context, and developed to serve a musical end.


Watch Stewart perform David Friedman's "Etude No. 19" for vibraphone.

Along with 4-mallet and 2-mallet techniques, jazz vibraphone students explore the exciting world of improvisation, beginning with the blues and popular song, and continuing through the classics of the "Great American Songbook".

Your listening skills will develop through the study of jazz theory, scales and chord voicings. And all your musical skills will grow further by examining the music of Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson, Gary Burton, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Bill Evans - any of the greats that have served to inspire you.


Those interested in band and orchestral percussion study snare drum and mallet techniques, the important orchestral excerpts and solo works. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in music from the Juilliard School in New York City, Stewart is highly qualified to prepare students for university or college entrance auditions.

  • Half-hour, 45-minute or 60 minute lessons are available
  • Students of all ages and experience are welcome


Stewart’s music studio is located in downtown Toronto near the Greenwood-Danforth subway station. Instruction may also take place at the student’s home, depending on location.

For more information, call 416 462-9615, or email info@stewarthoffmanmusic.com

Stewart has been playing and teaching jazz and rock drumming, vibraphone and orchestral percussion for over 30 years. Currently a private teacher at Toronto’s Crescent School, he also presents drum clinics in Toronto area schools for both music educators and students, and at music camps (see full biography).


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