Stewart Hoffman is a freelance percussionist, vibraphonist and drummer who teaches percussion and directs the percussion ensemble at Crescent School in Toronto.  A graduate of the Juilliard School, his Band Teacher’s Percussion Guide addresses the challenges of incorporating percussion into the junior high and high school music program  (see full biography).

Student Clinics and Workshops

Stewart’s percussion clinics and workshops are designed to benefit students at all levels of experience. They strive to address technical needs without neglecting the importance of playing and thinking musically.

A student drum clinic or workshop may focus on technical concerns and questions on performance, or on the ensemble performance of scores being prepared for a concert.  Often teachers opt for a combination of the two, with a preliminary session on percussion techniques followed by an ensemble rehearsal of a challenging piece. 

Just some of the topics that workshops may address are:

  • Holding the sticks, Dropping (vs. Hammering), and the Relaxed Stroke
  • The Rudiments: Lifts and Levels at the Snare Drum
  • The Buzz Roll
  • Feeling Jazz: Swing, Fills, and Stage Band Drumming
  • Jazz Independence
  • Sight Reading on Xylophone and Bells
  • Timpani Basics
  • Bass Drum and Cymbal Techniques
  • Ensemble Performance

Stewart will be happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding your students’ performance and will work with you to develop a workshop that best addresses your needs.

To tailor a clinic or workshop for your organization or school, call 416 462-9615, or email

Percussion and Drum Clinics and Workshops for Students

Stewart Hoffman offers Percussion Clinics and Workshops for Students


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